Amendments Transparency

 FilterAmendmentFilterResolutionFilterAdopted DateFilterAmendment TypeFilterFinancial Year
154.00B2013-0018 01/29/2013FinancialFY 2013
155.00B2013-014 12/11/2012FinancialFY 2013
160.00B2013-016 01/29/2013FinancialFY 2013
162.00B2013-012 12/12/2012FinancialFY 2013
166.00B2013-023 03/05/2013ProjectFY 2013
192.00B2013-041 07/10/2013FinancialFY 2013

The Amendments grid above, allows users to apply filters to the following columns:

  • Amendment - Amendment Name
  • Resolution - Amendment Resolution
  • Adopted Date - Amendment Adopted Date
  • Adopted Type - Amendment Adopted Type
  • Financial Year - Amendment Fiscal Year

Click on the Icon to the right of the column headers to apply filters.